The red corrugated flexible plastic hose with a 4-inch diameter

Phu Cuong Holding is a company that processes 20 strands of 4-inch red corrugated plastic hoses, each with a length of 2500mm. These hoses are fitted quick coupling camlock type E ( Male Coupler and Hose Shank)  and quick coupling camlock type C ( Female Coupler and Female Thread) for customers.

Phu Cuong Holding Corporation (PCH) specializes in providing products and services related to hydraulic pipe equipment, industrial machinery spare parts, construction equipment, and mining equipment. Here’s some information about the red corrugated plastic pipe that the company manufactures:

  • Alternate name: Flexible clear PVC suction hose.

  • Inner reinforcement: Polyester braid with a spiral PVC twist in orange.

  • Outer casing: Sturdy PVC, twisted in orange on the outside.

  • Application: This hose is used for suction and discharge of cement mixtures and powder particles.

  • Operating temperature: From -5℃ to +60℃ (23°F to 140°F).

If you’re interested, feel free to contact PCH for enthusiastic consultation and competitive pricing via :

  • Email:

  • Hot-line: 0903 796 146

♦  PC Holding is committed to delivering high-quality products and services, ensuring timely delivery, and maintaining reasonable pricing

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